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PAL provides accommodations for all invited speakers.

Reservations will be made at the HOTEL Yeongildae, located near PAL.


♦ HOTEL Yeongildae


The HOTEL Yeongildae is located 5-minutes driving from PAL.

During the symposium period, the breakfast will be available from 07:00 AM at the cafe Moenia (on the 1st floor of the hotel).


(Phone) +82 (54) 280-8920


(Address) Hangbok-gil 75bungil 11, Nam-gu, Pohang, Korea


The van to PAL will be ready in front of the hotel.



Local Transportations


♦ Transfer from the Incheon International Airport(IIA) - By Plane


: Incheon Intl. Airport - (Limousine Bus) - Gimpo Airport - (Flight) - Pohang Airport

The limousine services that go to Gimpo Airport (for domestic flights) from IIA run every 20~30 minutes. You can find these buses at Terminal 1 or 2 as show in orange (See below). The transit time between IIA and Gimpo is about 30 minutes. This estimate is based on the current flow of traffic on the Airport Expressway.


The travel time from Gimpo to Pohang by plane is about 50 min.


From the Pohang Airport to Hotel (By Taxi)


We recommend you to take a taxi to Hotel. The travel time will be about 20~25 min. For reimbursement, please do not forget to bring your receipt to PAL.


Transfer from the Incheon International Airport(IIA) - By Train


: Incheon Intl. Airport - (AREX) - Seoul Station - (KTX) - Pohang Station


AREX(Airport Express) station is located in B1 floor of Terminal 1 or 2. You can buy a ticket at Transport Center and the transit time from IIA to Seoul Station is about 40-50 minutes (Express, Non-stop).



For more information regarding AREX and KTX, please visit the websites below.


Transfer from the Gimhae(Busan) International Airport - By Bus


: Gimhae Intl. Airport - (Limousine Bus) - Pohang Terminal

There are limousine buses from Gimhae International Airport to Pohang, which runs 17 times a day. The schedule of limousine bus is as below. The travel time will be about 1 hour and 40 min. Departure time is depending on the traffic situation, so that you need to re-check it at the airport before you leave for Pohang.




More information about the Gimhae Intl. Airport can be found at the website below.


When you get to the Pohang Bus Terminal, please take a taxi to the hotel (HOTEL Yeongildae in Jigok). It will take about 5 min from the bus terminal to hotel. For reimbursement, please bring your receipt to PAL.




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